Details / Photos

The Cottage

At 2800ft (860m) we are above the valley fog and town lights, but below the snow line (except for a few days in winter), Frontier Hill is amazingly quiet apart from the birds and occasional wildlife. Spectacularly clear nights make for perfect star and moon gazing.

Unfortunately the cottage is not wheelchair accessible, as their are 4 or 5 steps to enter. There is deck furniture in front. We even provide insect repellent candles for those late summer nights.

The whole cottage decor is native American Indian.Room for all the family

The all electric kitchen is fully equipped with enough crockery and cutlery to feed six, in case you have visitors. There is a microwave, coffee machine 9with grinder), 5 burner stove and large refrigerator with big icebox

Self catering cottageCouch can also fold flat if you want to sleep in living room and watch TV. New smart flat TV has streaming service only – including Paramount+ (All CBS and Showtime) and Peacock+ (All NBC and football). A supply of magazines, some board games and writing paper are available in the living room shelf. Super-fast hi-speed Starlink Wifi password is listed in the guest guide in living room.

Bathroom has a shower over tub. Hot water is from an electric boiler, so it will run cold after about 30 minutes. Then you need to wait for it to warm another tankful if someone hogged the shower for too long!

Air conditioning in living room should only be used if absolutely necessary. It has its own small remote and runs off solar so will not go all night – not that is every needed.

To use the barbecue please see instructions on front of unit. It is gas-fired and has a built in starter so no matches are required.

The Grounds

PondReflectCabinWe are on a 14acre parcel set half way down the hill. You are invited to take a walk down to the big pond (probably dry in Summer as it leaks badly) as well as to the river creek where there are some amazing rocks and clearings. You can relax peacefully many miles away from civilization. At the end of the pond wall walk out to the pond overflow. Be very careful (especially with children) and you will see a great little lookout rock bench over the steep and amazingly big drop. Enjoy the lovely sounds of the river for much of the year.

NOTE:  These areas can be very muddy and slippery. In winter in particular, no one should explore the river and small waterfalls alone. Please make sure your children are accompanied at all times. Also, watch out for poison oak. We are trying to eradicate any on the more common trails but in the meantime a good shower after hiking is recommended.

Across the river it is a jungle. Not recommended except for the very health and adventurous, and then not alone. When you go up the hill you will eventually see a fence for a farm. That is end of our property. Now can you find the way back? We are working on trails and signs.

Around the cottage you are welcome to use the garden and lawns as you want. Do sit quietly and nature will come to you, especially birds and deer. Perfect for a book and siesta.

See the property’s historic Indian grinding holes and rocks. These have been fully documented by the local Miwuk tribal archeologist.

At night view the very clear starlit skies and spectacular moon risings.

Please do not hike alone at night and do carry a flashlight just in case you encounter any of the critters that come out at night. I don’t want you scaring my raccoons, bobcats, foxes or skunks!

The Winery

Butterfly Creek Winery and ChapelBetween Frontier Hill and the bottom of the big hill is Butterfly Creek Winery. For liability reasons, please drive down to the winery tasting room which is right at the bottom of the hill. Open hours are Tues – Sun 11 – 4.

Special events happen at the winery too, like old car rallies and weddings in the little chapel. If you get to the tasting room, which is right down the bottom past the Spanish mansion, past the fields, and no one is around, just wait a little and Bob will come barreling out of the fields. We do like to take a sandwich as well and picnic with a bottle of wine by the river – he has such a neat spot with picnic tables.