House Rules

Mariposa County requires that we provide you with a copy of the house rules. These are also listed in some details in our Guest Guidebook that you will find in the cottage, along with other hints and advice and places to go etc.

Check Out time is before 11.00am except by special arrangement.

Check In is after 3:00 pm.   Call for very late arrival.

Quiet Time is 10:30pm to 6:00 am.

This is a No Smoking property, though you may smoke in a safe area outside the buildings.

No pets allowed in 2017.

Vacation Rental Cottage Living Room

We are in a rural area. Do expect to hear wild turkeys, woodpeckers or the neighbor’s chickens. But please do not chase or feed them. Same with the deer. And DO NOT leave any food outside or in your car. We haven’t seen any bears or lions on this property (yet) but there are bobcats, raccoons and big buzzards around that you don’t want to get excited.

There is no trash truck service, but very good recycling programs in the County. Please use the appropriate bins or bags. If the ones in the kitchen fill up, there are more in the storage room.

The wood burning stove is for winter usage only. Free firewood provided.

We are in a high fire danger neighborhood. Please be very careful with any form of matches or lighters. Do not move the barbeque, it is set away from the cottage and trees on purpose.  Camping chairs and card table are in the storage room and may be taken wherever you like on the property, but please return them. Save for the ice chest.

Finally there is a phone in the cottage in case you want to make any local calls or have someone call you. The cottage number is 209-742-4458. Please only give this number to people when they know you will be there for sure.

In case of Fire, Police or Ambulance emergencies dial 911 and tell them you are at 4087A Triangle Rd, Mariposa.

For any other issues including future or special reservations, please talk to the owner/manager on site or call, text or email him. See Contacts page.