Directions to Yosemite Vacation Cottage

We are at 4087 Triangle Rd which connects Highways 140 (West Entrance) and Highway 49 (South Entrance) above the town of Mariposa in the central California foothills. This provides easy access to the grandeur of the Yosemite falls and mountains via the valley floor, as well as the Giant Trees, Wawona and Badger Pass mountain ski areas via the Hiway 41 South Gate.

Our GPS coordinates are 37º 30′ N and 119º 52′ W and we are at a height of 2,820ft above sea level. We do get a few days of snow in Winter so do carry chains – you might (read often) need them in Yosemite anyway.

From Bay Area and Northern California

From San Francisco and East Bay

Take Hiway 580 East through Livermore and go straight on 205 past Tracy. This joins Hiway 5 north but almost immediately you exit 120 towards Manteca and Yosemite. But exit 120 before Manteca onto Hiway 99 south and Continue as below. Note If you stay on 120 it will take you right into high north gate of Yosemite. OK if you are going to spend day there before visiting us, else just a long high (6000ft) roundabout way. Often closed in Winter.

From San Jose and South Bay

Take 101 South to Hiway 152 East  over Pacheco Pass road. Stay on 152 across Hiway 5 and through town of Los Banos until you reach 59N to Merced. It will connect with 99 as you come into town.


Follow Highway 99 South to (and through) the town of Merced and take Highway 140/Yosemite exit as the freeway crosses through downtown. Follow 140 East about 30 miles to downtown Mariposa. Continue right through the historic old gold rush town, straight through the only 4 way stop sign and over the small pass. On the downhill you will see Triangle Road making a fork off to the right only. Follow Triangle Rd for about 6 miles. It is very scenic but watch for deer, especially at sundown.

The numbers are in sequence, except at last minute. When you are expecting our 4087 go a bit further and look for big winery sign like picture here. Take narrow winery lane down to first house on right. (It is paved). Google lists the winery drive as Nickel Plate Rd, but no one has ever seen such a sign this side of the river valley. See Front Gate below.
Once you enter the property, keep left and follow signs to 4087A Frontier Hill cottage.

From Los Angeles area and Southern California

From greater LA area take Hiway 5 down Grapevine Pass into central valley where it splits into Hiway 5 and Hiway 99. Make sure to take 99 North towards Fresno.

Take highway 99 North to Fresno, then take Hiway 41 north to Oakhurst (about 30 miles). Exit left to Highway 49 South in downtown Oakhurst (Hwy 49 starts here) and follow for about 20 miles. After crossing the big river gorge, watch for Triangle Rd on your right after you pass Cal State Fire station.

Follow Triangle Rd for about 7 miles, passing by small Triangle Market and Gas Station, as well as Lush Meadows sub division. After crossing the Snow Creek narrow bridge, there will be only a few houses as you wind your way up hill and suddenly there is the big winery sign (on your right) and our shared white picket lane on the left. We are the first house on the right. Narrow lane is paved and shows on Google Maps as Nickel Plate Rd but there is no such sign. See Front Gate below.
Once you enter the property, keep left and follow signs to 4087A Frontier Hill cottage.

From Mammoth Mountain and Nevada

In summer only, when Tioga Pass Rd is open (usually mid May onwards), take Tioga road from Mono Lakes area. This will eventually connect with Hiway 120. Turn left and follow signs into Yosemite National park, then backtrack on Hiway 140 for about 30 miles. After the small town of Midpines (really not much more than a post office and some cabins), watch for Triangle Rd on your left as you go up from the town.   Follow Triangle Rd to 4087 then to Winery Lane like above.

Gateway to Yosemite family vacation rental

Our front gate. Just a short connector that is dirt to our own paved pathway around the left to cottage which is last building on road. You will clearly see the cottage with sign.

Other Options:  Amtrak train to Merced, then Yarts bus to Mariposa. Call in advance to arrange pickup, or rent a car in Merced. (there are no car rentals in Mariposa).

Hint:  There is no gas in Yosemite Park at all.  So good to fill up your car tank as you go through Mariposa or Oakhurst, else you will pay a fortune at last stop before park.

Google Map: