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Easy Yosemite Hikes

Yosemite is a very big park and there are some great and strenuous hikes for the active visitors. But what about those of us who have little legs or old wobbly legs? There are still some great places to go

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Dry pond but friendly deer

The waterfalls are all still running in Yosemite because they had a fair amount of snow at the higher elevations, but here down at the cottage and 3000ft the little snow we had is long gone. And the usual rain

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Glacier Point to close in 2020

The park, with help from Yosemite Conservatory has raised the funds to make some much needed improvements to the approach road to Glacier Point.  Unfortunately this means this popular view site will be closed for a lot of 2020. But

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Spring time after all the rain and snow

Wow, what a winter. Rain was late in coming but then hit most most rain ever records. And for sure, more snow than we usually see. A lot of fun though. We only got actually snowed in once, and through

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Sunshine days as we wait for the rain

Our grass is all dried up, our pond and river are all dried up. When will the rain come? Meanwhile most of the falls are still running in the park so my guests are enjoying the sunny days for hiking

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Yosemite is all open again, and so are we.

Many thanks to all the firefighters from around the state who helped control the big recent Ferguson fire. It raged in the canyons between our property and Yosemite Park itself.  Only a small edge of the park itself burned, as

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Snow and Rain at Last

After one of California’s driest Februaries on record, it sure was great to get a drenching yesterday followed by overnight snow. First time the pond has had water in 9 months. Now you start to see how big it really

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