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Rain, rain and more rain. But at least we have the beauty of the pond and the river and the waterfall. It is so unusual to go outside and actually hear the water gushing. Usually it is so quiet here. We don’t hear the road, except our side lane if someone visits the winery. Just the birds.

Vacation rental cottage in the trees

A big grey egret has adopted our pond, which you can see overfull in the picture below. Hope he isn’t too sad to find no fish (the pond leaks badly and dries up in summer). But there are plenty of juicy frogs. Maybe he can even catch a small gopher.


My son and I spent a few hours in Yosemite on Xmas Eve. Spectacular scenery of course. Where else in world can you walk to such high falls framed by the trees? My little photo does not do it justice. Sunshine but none of the snow had even started to melt yet. Yosemite Vacation Rental Cabin

Meanwhile back at our cabin we only see snow behind us on the mountain tops. None down at our 2,800ft (900m) elevation yet.Here is a sneak peek at the decor scheme evolving in the cabin. All brand new furniture, crockery, cutlery, pots & pans, mattresses and allergy resistant bedding.

Main Bedroom in home away from home Yosemite Mariposa

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