And the Falls kept flooding down

Yosemite double falls home stayWell despite the heat, the waterfalls in Yosemite continue to pound down because there is still plenty of snow up on top that has to melt yet. Can you believe Tioga Pass (over top into Nevada) is still not open to traffic?  And Glacier Point has only been open about ten days for vehicles, with strict warnings for hikers that if they get off the trails up there they should expect winter-like conditions. And the river in the valley is running so high and strong that it is not open for recreation.

But this is the majesty of Yosemite National Park and why visitors from all around the world visit. And a few stay in my little cottage at Frontier Hill where the big trees and location cut off most of the heat. I am really encouraging guests to take some meals out on the deck so they can enjoy the fresh air and view. If you plan ahead it is really easy to cook on the barbecue. I suggest something simple the first night, like hotdogs or hamburgers (including garden burgers and salmon burgers). Maybe shish kabobs the second night. These are very little fuss if you prepare them in advance.  Then something like chicken breasts and thighs the third night.

The barbeque is ready for you with starter block and matches and briquettes when you check in, plus plenty more in the storage room. You can even move to the card table and camping chairs and sit elsewhere in the garden for a change of view – or maybe a picnic closer to the river (now only a trickle). There are even candles and spray to keep the bugs away at sunset.

Do also try taking breakfast outdoors. You probably don’t get that option much in the city. At least your tea or coffee while you fill your lungs with fresh mountain air.

When we tried to add a water filter to the kitchen faucet we found the whole unit was showing signs of decay inside, even though it still looked shiny and bright.  Anyway, with some help I replaced it all, so there are now brand new pipes all way back to the wall, apart from the new faucet with its cute little filter for really pure drinking water. Bottled water is still provided for those who prefer that neutral taste.

Finally a new DVD player has been hooked up, though most guests seem to be warn out from the hike of their lives to bother staying up. Sorry I only have a very small selection of titles so do bring your own, especially if they are needed to entertain little kids and the offerings on DISH TV are not sufficient.

PS Highway 140 is open again directly to the valley floor.  Thanks to our location, guests who had to take the longer route around  for a few days still got to spend full days hiking and visiting.

Hint:  If you only have 2 nights to visit here, why not do a half day in the park on arrival day? You can always check-in a little later if need be. Then you get that extra time plus the whole next day at the park to explore your favorite trails. Maybe even get some sunset shots to add to what is always a great photographic experience.

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