Found our river ford

I have now lived here over 6 months, and I finally found the river ford, thanks to help from a gardener. I never went the right way around the big fallen Oak tree before. In fact, I consider crawling across the tree to get to the other side of the river, but I am not as nimble and young as I used to be.

Hiking on Yosemite VacationAnyway, here is the ford. All dry for first time in months as we haven’t had rain for about 10 days, but notice in left of picture how water is still gushing out pipe under the ford. Like many other things on this property, looks like original owner threw concrete over some local rocks to make this.

It leads to an old spring and cistern, now still with water but dirty and overgrown. Unfortunately the trail from there goes up steeply and is heavily wooded. I will have to return with some shears to make a trail out of there one day so we can explore the brush side of the river in detail.

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