Glacier Point to close in 2020

The park, with help from Yosemite Conservatory has raised the funds to make some much needed improvements to the approach road to Glacier Point.  Unfortunately this means this popular view site will be closed for a lot of 2020. But as of this writing, it is still open as the winter snow closure has not yet happened – because we have no snow here even at altitude here in mid November.

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Josh had fun bringing his troll friend to see the views from Glacier Point

I have been to Glacier Point many times but this is the first time I noticed sign that said I could see hotel pool and roof 5000ft below if I looked down at the right spot! Before I guess I was always mesmorized by the view.  I even hiked up and down once via 4 mile trail, though we started from Curry Village so it was more like 7 mile trail. Some of my guests take a shuttle bus up and then just hike down – not a bad idea if your knees can take it.

Check road conditions when visiting the park in winter in particular. As for some high altitude views, why not consider the other side of the valley. Toulomne Meadows is more popular than I thought though you have to wait until May until they dig Tioga Pass road out of the snow.

And don’t forget the restoration of the big trees grove at Yosemite Grove is complete and ready for your hiking and exploration trips.

Tunnel View is a must stop for all visitors, even those on very short trips. Just a few miles and half way up the mountain from valley floor along Highway 41. Apart from the amazing symmetry and magnificent famous landmarks, I am always amazed and pleased that you cannot see any signs of the roads or buildings in the valley. I give thanks to Pres Roosevelt each time I go here for creating the National Park System after he personally camped outdoors in the valley with John Muir – on a night it snowed no less.

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Josh and his friend taking a picture at the viewing spot by Tunnel View.

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