Local and International Guests keeping us full up

I love it when I get reviews like this:

Altamente recomendable, una maravilla en mitad del campo y muy cerca de Yosemite.

(Translation: Highly recommended, a wonder in the middle of the countryside and very close to Yosemite.)

And that was from a US based family who had an extra kid tag along at the last minute making for a very tight fit!

My German guests are now family friends. They did not want to leave until the last minute. My Spanish students, via San Diego thought they had died and gone to heaven – it really is a different experience for city people, especially poor students who have not lead the high or exotic life. My French visitors left me a fine bottle of French wine.  My Chinese visitors that barely spoke a word left a big comment in my guest book all in Chinese! Oh how I love you all.

FoxInHoleApart from the usual deer and wild turkey sightings, my guests report skunk (luckily he kept going) and bobcat too while my son and I have seen two different foxes in the  street side late at night. The one I saw looked like this guy which I had earlier photographed at my old house up the street.

Waterfall in Yosemite

The heat wave continues so hiking Vernal Mist trail in Yosemite is popular as you get the cool misty breeze on yourself at all times – if you make it high enough. But all the falls are still running despite no rain all summer. And now the river has become safe to play in and many guests are using that option to cool off in the park before returning to the cabin.

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