Warm Dry Winter now Ending

Finally it gets winter cold and some rain comes in. It is all very welcome. Up here in the Sierra Foothills we really need the winter rain and associated snow higher up in the hills to provide California’s rain for the long dry summers.

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This picture shows my very big pond that leaks like crazy. The whole floor is a sieve of gopher and other critter holes. Good news is you can walk all around without having to risk wet boots at the inlet and overflow areas. Because of angle of this photo you can’t appreciate how big it really is. About one acre I reckon. Maybe I can fill it in and build a baseball field or cricket pitch one day. But a fishing pond would be nice in the meantime.

Also on the water front, I had help to carefully empty the swimming pool when I realized the cover was not going to work. We got it down to the last few splashes. But unlike the pond, it doesn’t leak so I can use it as a rain gauge given its flat bottom. About a foot so far this season I reckon, but that was way back when.

Nice thing about warm dry weather is that when we finally got 6 days without any guests (first time since opening), Louise could do the annual heavy wash of bed covers, drapes, etc and we could dry them on the clothesline in the sun. So all fresh and ready for the coming season.

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